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PRAJA's Activities:

  • Dissemination of information through documents about criminal justice issues (with special focus on prison)
  • Making films for greater awareness about prison and punishment
  • Providing resource back-up and training for prison officers both in India and other countries
  • Conducting Seminars and Workshops in India and South Asia, to identify common problems and their solutions which form the basis for recommendations to government agencies
  • Developing modules for implementing specific projects (e.g. women in prison, juvenile justice)
  • Implementing programmes for 'better access to justice' and presenting viable schemes to government agencies
  • Contributing towards developing 'alternative' and more constructive models for handling offenders (especially vulnerable groups) from PRAJA's experiences in other countries

PRAJA's Projects Include:

  • Training of prison staff (at all levels from IGs and DIGs to Warders or guarding staff) and arranging Conferences and workshops for promoting a debate about prisons and punishment.
  • Researching and addressing issues relating to the mental health of prisoners particularly women and children in prison
  • Observing, documenting and addressing through projects/programmes the experiences of women in the criminal justice system
  • Preparing modules and manuals for the setting up of Counselling Units and Mediation Centres for vulnerable groups in distress
  • Collecting and documenting good practices wherever they exist and propogating their use to State agencies and NGO's e.g. Community Service, Open 'Prisons' and Farms.

Documents pertaining to all these and Reports of Conferences and Seminars organised on the subjects of New Initiatives in Penal Reform, Good Prison Management and Good Prison Practices have been prepared for distribution and dissemination of information.