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Some of PRAJA's Publications

Exploration Towards Accessible and Equitable Justice in the South Asian Region: Problems and Paradoxes of Penal Reform.Penal Reform International (PRI) and PRAJA1999, Revised Edition 2001.

Indo-British Training Project on Human Rights and Prision Management. PRAJA and partners, 1999.

Report on the Conference on New Models of Accessible Justice: The Indian Experience. Special Focus on Women and Juveniles. PRI and PRAJA, 2000.

'Where the Mind is Without Fear and the Head is Held High'. Report on the Mental Health and Care of Women and Children in Prison in Andhra Pradesh, PRAJA 2001.

Report of the Project Women and Custodial Justice: A Projects on the Experiences of Women in the Criminal Justice System.PRAJA 2002.

A Project on Creating a Window to Redress Women's Grievances. Project Review of the Research and Documentation on Mediation, Counselling and Conflict Resolution at the National Commission for Women. PRAJA and PRI, 2002.

'Open Prisons in India: How Open Can Open Be'. PRAJA and PRI, 2002.

Report on the Conference 'New Initiatives in Penal Reform and Access to Justice'. PRAJA 2001.